Om - Conference Live (2009)

29 July, 2009

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Om - Conference Live Album Cover

The second live album.

A definitive statement of the new Om energy, recorded on 24-track multi-track remote audio at their 2008 performance in New York. Mastered by Carl Saff, the audio quality is strikingly clear and full. On this night Om performed the seminal album Conference of the Birds live in its entirety. Newly invoked energy resonates in the sound of the band: the dynamics between Emil Amos and Al Cisneros have rendered these songs, and Om's sound, into a higher evolution.

Om - Gebel Barkal (2008)

29 July, 2009

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Om - Gebel Barkal Single Cover

This is a single and the first recording with Emil Amos.

Om - Live at Jerusalem (2008)

29 July, 2009

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Om - Live at Jerusalem Album Cover

It was recorded at Club Uganda in Jerusalem on December 5, 2007.

  1. "Flight of the Eagle" - 22:02
  2. "Bhima's Theme" - 14:23

Om / Six Organs of Admittance Split (2006)

28 July, 2009

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Om / Six Organs of Admittance Split Album Cover

1. Bedouin's Vigil - Om
2. Assyrian Blood - Six Organs of Admittance

Six Organs of Admittance is the primary musical project of guitarist Ben Chasny. Chasny's music is largely guitar-based and is often considered new folk, however it includes obvious influences, marked by the use of drones, chimes, and eclectic percussive elements. Chasny is also a member of the psychedelic band Comets on Fire, and has working relationships with Badgerlore, Current 93, Magik Markers, and many others. - wikipedia

Om/Current 93 - Inerrant Rays of Infallible Sun (2006)

28 July, 2009

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Om/Current 93 - Inerrant Rays of Infallible Sun Album Cover

It's a split with Current 93


  1. Inerrant Infallible (Black Ships At Nineveh and Edom) (Current 93)
  2. Rays of the Sun/To the Shrinebuilder (Om)

Current 93 are an eclectic British experimental music group, working since the early 1980s in folk-based musical forms. The band was founded in 1982 by David Tibet (né David Michael Bunting, renamed 'Tibet' by Genesis P-Orridge sometime prior to forming the group).

Om - Conference of the Birds (2006)

28 July, 2009

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Om - Conference of the Birds Album Cover

Conference of the Birds is my favourite Om album, the first song At Giza is incredibile.

Where the previous album, Variations on a Theme, opened with a squeal of feedback an overdriven bass, this album opens with relative calm, a deceptively simple rhythm at minor volume, and vocals that gently seep through the veil. This change in tone alone proves that simply being heavy is not necessary, and that the lyrical essence carries much more weight. The overall experience is similar to what one may find in the company of monks intoning sacred verses, and serves as a unique and powerful cleansing agent. - Toka

Om - Variations On A Theme (2005)

28 July, 2009

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Om - Variations On A Theme Album Cover

Variations on a Theme picks up where Jerusalem/Dopesmoker left off with lengthy, sprawling epics that border on drone yet have considerable heft and muscle. Since they're operating without a guitar player, Om's three songs are nothing but a low-end rumble. Hakius and Cisneros work on Variations on a Theme is impressive, especially the drumming. The three songs flow into one another, so don't expect a hodge-podge of riffs and styles. Om work within certain specific constructs, toying with similar arrangements while maintaining a central theme. - Arzgarth/

Om is a duo formed in 2003 by the rhythm section of the disbanded stoner doom metal band Sleep. The band's first three albums feature Al Cisneros on vocals and bass and Chris Hakius on drums. On January 31, 2008 Hakius left the band and was replaced by drummer Emil Amos. Their music is similar in structure to Tibetan chanting. - wikipedia

Dale Cooper Quartet & the Dictaphones - Parole de Navarre (2006)

28 July, 2009

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Dale Cooper Quartet & the Dictaphones - Parole de Navarre Album Cover

Here is something different. Awesome doom/dark jazz from France.

Dale Cooper Quartet & The Dictaphones are the quartet made of musicians covering a wide variety of musical styles (they are former members of Tank, Osaka, TF and ex-groove combo Loupous) creates a music that mixes electronic (samples, cuts, sound treatments) and acoustic (guitars, saxophone, trumpet). They play moody ballads that sounds as if they come out from one of David Lynch’s movies. Like in the Hollywood master of bizarre’s pieces, there is something like a dark and poisonous colour broken by red thunderlights and blue cigarette smoke. Parole de Navarre is an invitation for opening the red curtain of this Dark Jazz cabaret made of shimmering and whirling walls. -

Witch - Witch (2006)

25 July, 2009

Witch - Witch Album Cover

This is the debut for the new band led by Dinosaur Jr.'s J. Mascis , joined by members of psych-rock band Feathers.

Burning Witch - Crippled Lucifer (1998)

19 July, 2009

Burning Witch - Crippled Lucifer Album Cover

Here is something from the black soul of the drone master Stephen O'Malley. Heavy, slow and depressive as milion fucks.

Burning Witch formed on Capitol Hill, Seattle in early 1996. After the breakup of the doom/death band Thorr's Hammer in 1995, Stephen O'Malley, Greg Anderson and Jamie Sykes formed Burning Witch. The band then added G. Stuart Dahlquist and vocalist Edgy 59, rounding out their lineup. Anderson left the band before they had recorded any real Burning Witch songs to start the band Goatsnake. - wikipedia

Clutch - Strange Cousins from the West (2009)

17 July, 2009

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Clutch - Strange Cousins from the West Album Cover

The first new Clutch studio release in over two years. Strange Cousin's From The West is the band's 9th studio effort, and second with producer J. Robbins. It's the first original studio release on the band's self-owned label, Weathermaker Music.