Black Pyramid/Odyssey split 7" (2012)

30 April, 2012

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Black Pyramid/Odyssey split 7

Requested by Odyssey. No download link this time.

Limited 200 coloured vinyl. A split 7" vinyl single between US heavy rockers BLACK PYRAMID, and Swedish ODYSSEY, both bands bringing out a track of heavy and stoned rock with thick layers of distortion and sonic madness.

Sun Eater - Sun Eater (2012)

29 April, 2012

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Sun Eater - Sun Eater Album Cover

Wow, fantastic stuff, thick psychedelic grooves all over the place. Really relaxed jams with a subtle heavier side. Thanks to Ben for sending me his work.

Judd Madden - Doomgroove (2012)

26 April, 2012

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Judd Madden - Doomgroove Album Cover

The series of requests will continue until the end of the month.

Judd Madden is a graphic designer and solo instrumental musician based in Melbourne. You may know him from Stonerobixxx. Doomgroove is his latest release. It's a great mixture of heavy instrumental stoner doom and post metal. This one has to be heard! And hey, don't forget to support Judd so he can make more brilliant music!

Shock Radar - Generator EP (2012)

22 April, 2012

Shock Radar - Generator EP Album Cover

Another day, another great request.

Shock Radar are an experimental, alternative/stoner rock band from New York, USA. The Generator EP is their newest release. The sound is classic but yet original. Actually, some of these songs sound like they could have come from Soundgarden's Superunknown or Down on the Upside recording sessions (which of course is a big compliment). Some highly recommended grooves, thanks to Lee for sharing this!

Dead Man's Band - Dead Man's Band (2012)

19 April, 2012

Dead Man's Band - Dead Man's Band Album Cover

WOW! A massive, killer album. This record receives the first Stoner Mountains's Official Seal of Quality :D. This is for all you retro rockers out there.

Hailing from Piraeus, Greece. Dead Man's Band is a huge tribute to all the fabulous bands from the 60's & 70's. Blues rock with psychedelic overtones and powerful female vocals (the Greek Ann Wilson?). The album was recorded live at the Penthouse Gravevard Studios in Piraeus. Dead Man's Band contains 9 great tracks and it’s tough for me to find a favourite song on this album as they’re all so good. And finally, this is fucking underground! No internet page, no physical releases (maybe some vinyls in summer) and no record label involved. Simple, no promotion. Everything is in our hands!

Born To Hula - Sunrise Radio (2011)

15 April, 2012

Born To Hula - Sunrise Radio Album Cover

Well, my dear readers, I have a lot of requests from bands and it is time to post some of these bands.

The first German band on Stoner Mountain - Born To Hula from Weimar. Probably they are quite well known on the German stoner scene, because they're touring constantly through Germany since 2006. They were named after QOTSA's song, but I think that their sound is closer to Brant Bjork and his project than Queens of the Stone Age. In short, Sunrise Radio is that laid-back, fuzzy and psychedelic desert sound we all love. It's a damn fine album. Just listen to it.

Trzy Korony - Krzysztof Klenczon i Trzy Korony (1971)

15 April, 2012

Trzy Korony - Krzysztof Klenczon i Trzy Korony Album Cover

Here's a killer band from the past. One of the Polish hard rock pioneers formed in 1970 by Krzysztof Klenczon, a legend amongst Polish guitarists. Due to Klenczon's leaving to the United States the year after the band's only album had been released, Trzy Korony was disbanded. We have hear everything you need - psychedelic, pop, hard rock and heavy fuzz.

So, take a spliff, turn your speakers up to maximum volume and enjoy this beautiful music.

The Moon Mistress - Silent Voice Inside (2012)

09 April, 2012

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The Moon Mistress - Silent Voice Inside Album Cover

Ok, back again to the usual stuff. More Grind Madness next month.

The Moon Mistress is a stoner doom power trio from Moscow, Russian Federation and “Silent Voice Inside” is their debut full-length album. After Grave Disgrace it's the second Russian band on Stoner Mountain. Loud, lo-fi, slow and heavy, yeah that's what Tiggers like best. Definitely worth a listen or two! Read the review on The Sleeping Shaman.

Unseen Terror - The Peel Sessions (1989)

09 April, 2012

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Unseen Terror - The Peel Sessions Album Cover

Great session from the John Peel Sessions BBC series. This record features Mick Harris on vocals.

Unseen Terror - Human Error (1987)

09 April, 2012

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Unseen Terror - Human Error Album Cover

This is a very good record to start with grind, mainly because of the vocals, you can actually understand what Mitch Dickinson's singing, which is a rare thing in grindcore. The lyrics are mostly about the social and politics problems, but a few songs are about Garfield! Yes, Garfield, the funny, cynical, lasagna loving cat.

PS. Garfield for President!

Terrorizer / Nausea - Split Demo (1991)

07 April, 2012

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Terrorizer / Nausea - Split Demo Album Cover

Great split between Terrorizer and Nausea (the one from L.A.).

Terrorizer - World Downfall (1989)

07 April, 2012

Terrorizer - World Downfall Album Cover

It's time for this legendary and essential political grind album - World Downfall. Terrorizer at it best. Featuring sixteen tracks in thirty-six minutes, all being fast, catchy and heavy as hell. The sound is similar to Napalm Death's A-side of Scum, but it's less punky and more closer to death than the first side of Scum.

General Surgery - Necrology (1991)

07 April, 2012

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General Surgery - Necrology Album Cover

Let's start with General Surgery. Brutal goregrind in the vein of the good, old Carcass. A great release to listen to over and over again, it's very addictive.

Grind madness on the Stoner Mountain (Part 2)

07 April, 2012

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Grind madness on the Stoner Mountain Post Header image

Ready for another portion of music terror from my vast collection of old school grind? I'm sorry it took me so long, this should be here since several days, but I have not had time lately. So, what can you expect this time? Well, this month I have chosen for you - General Surgery, Terrorizer and Unseen Terror.

PS. If someone does not know what's going on with this Grind Madness, than click here for more information.