Grails - Doomsdayer's Holiday (2008)

21 February, 2011

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Grails - Doomsdayer's Holiday Album Cover

Following up last year's Burning Off Impurities and their recent Take Refuge In Clean Living EP, Grails return with their darkest, heaviest record yet. Written and recorded over the last 18 months, Doomsdayer's Holiday delivers on the promises made by their previous albums, taking equal pride in smoky psychedelics and mountain-ascending riffs. With Faust, Earth and Sunn O))) collaborators acting as engineers - not to mention drummer Emil Amos having recently become the new other half of Om - Grails' avant-metal leanings are evident as always. But Doomsdayer's Holiday finds their already-broad palette continually expanding with 70s European film noir and cosmic free jazz explorations complimenting the Middle Eastern psychedelic folk-metal the group is already known for. After a wildly prolific three-year streak that saw the band ceaselessly pushing forward, Grails have finally made an album that pushes back. -

Grails - Burning Off Impurities (2007)

21 February, 2011

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Grails - Burning Off Impurities Album Cover

American instrumental psychedlic post-rock. Grails drummer Emil Amos is now also the drummer for OM.

"Following soon after the critically praised Black Tar Prophecies collection on Important Records, Portland, Oregon's Grails return with their first proper studio album since the 2004 release of Redlight. Burning Off Impurities - their debut for Temporary Residence Ltd. out on May 1, 2007 - makes good on the promise of those past releases in delivering an album that not only thrusts the group to new heights, but also pushes the instrumental rock genre forward for the first time in nearly a decade." -

Fister - Bronsonic (2011)

08 February, 2011

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Fister - Bronsonic Album Cover

Stoner/Sludge Doom from Saint Louis, show them some love.

More info about the band on their site.