Baron Crâne - Baron Crâne EP (2015)

29 August, 2016

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Baron Crâne - Baron Crâne EP Cover

Baron Crane is a refreshing instrumental formation from Paris, France. They play fuzzy instrumental grooves that will get you moving. Rooted firmly in the stoner rock genre while still drawing from jazz, dub and noise rock. A real crazy but absolutely stunning sound. These guys deliver some really great jams. From the production to the song-writing and artwork, everything is top notch on this magnificent record. Gave this one a few spins and it kept me coming back for more.

Their self-titled debut EP was released last year, but it's never too late to write about cool music. Visit their Bandcamp page below & support these guys!

Tropical Doom - Mangue (2016)

12 August, 2016

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Tropical Doom - Mangue Album Cover

Tropical Doom's latest EP, released in March. This is certainly some very promising stuff, but I don't like it as much as the debut album.

With the release of Mangue, the sound of Tropical Doom is changing and evolving. It's still a lot of the same stuff here, but with a slightly heavier edge and minus the rock 'n' roll. You can definitely feel a Corrosion of Conformity vibe here. Basically, it's more doom than stoner on this album. Anyhow, this is worth checking out! Give Tropical Doom's Bandcamp page a visit!

P.S. Both awesome artworks are made by Thaís Burmeister Tirelli.

Tropical Doom - Tropical Doom (2015)

11 August, 2016

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Tropical Doom - Tropical Doom Album Cover

And back to old requests. This is such a killer album, I should write about it a long time ago!

Tropical Doom is a fresh psychedelic stoner/doom rock band from Curitiba, Brazil. I'm not very familiar with the Brazilian stoner scene. So please let me know in the comments, if you guys knows more amazing bands from the land of coffee.

The self-titled album is the band's debut full-length. Their sound is traditional doom (think of bands like The Obsessed, Saint Vitus etc.) mixed with awesome stoner grooves (like Los Natas and Kyuss), sexy riffs and just fuckin' rock 'n' roll. A distinct hybrid of familiar genres. It's damn catchy, colourful and highly energetic. Another fantastic newcomer in the world of stoner rock. Should be a no-brainer for fans of warm, fuzzy, psychedelic desert rock. You will rape the repeat button, that's for sure!

P.S. You can find them also on Spotify and Deezer.

Dax Riggs - Electric Comoland (2002)

07 August, 2016

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Dax Riggs - Electric Comoland Album Cover

As I mentioned before I have to catch up with some older requests, but let me make a small break for this one.

Electric Comoland is an old Dax Riggs (Acid Bath, Agents of Oblivion, Deadboy & the Elephantmen) bootleg which you can downlaod below.

Dax is one of my favorite artists of all time. Listening to his singing is an otherworldly experience. He is one of those artists that sounds absolutely amazing on disc, and even better live.

Electric Comoland is a collection of seven unreleased demos. Although the songs themselves are all strong compositions, the bootleg's quality varies wildly throughout. If the sound quality was more consistent, Electric Comoland would easily prove essential to any fan of Dax Riggs. Nonetheless, it's still worth have this one on your hard drive.

My favourite songs? Perfect Dreaming Skull, Momentarily Lost in Space and the excellent cover of Leonard Cohen's Tower of Song.

Demons From the Dungeon Dimension - As the Crow Flies (2016)

05 August, 2016

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Demons From the Dungeon Dimension - As the Crow Flies Album Cover

I have to catch up with some older requests. To start with I present you the first band from Africa on Stoner Mountain. It's great to get music from all corners of the world.

Demons From the Dungeon Dimension is some heavy psyched out vintage doom band from Durban, South Africa. This is their self-released debut album. They created a distinct blend of stoner, Seattle Sound, heavy & doom metal in a raw 70's package. You can even notice some slightly tangible oldschool black metal influence in one or two songs. I guesss Windhand is the closest band that comes to my mind. The production is not that bad, but very far from perfect. But you must remember that it's a DIY record and it's not that easy to record an album as a metal band in South Africa.

Thanks to Duncan for sending me this one. Check it out & give them a visit below (also listen to their newest EP, which you can download for free)!

She Beast - Felch EP (2016)

03 August, 2016

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She Beast - Felch EP Cover

First of all, I love the Nosferatu cover.

She beast is a heavy sludge/doom trio from Melbourn, Australia. Heavenly inspired by bands like Grief, Church of Misery, Iron Monkey and especially Eyehategod. From the harsh, Mike Williams inspired vocals to the groovy feedback-drenched riffs. Taking their massive sound through hateful swamps of sludge & doom. And that's what you'll get on this sweet EP. Nothing too groundbreaking, but who gives a damn when it rocks this hard? Definitely worth checking out!

Slow Green Thing - II (2016)

01 August, 2016

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Slow Green Thing - II Album Cover

Slow Green Thing is a rising young band hailing from Dresden, Germany, "II" is the their second (yeah, obviously) full-length. It's filled with 7 tracks of thick, slow, melodic doom metal with some tight and catchy guitar solos. Although their citing Black Sabbath and Deep Purple as their major influence I'm getting more a Jerry Cantrell/Alice In Chains vibe here (especially the vocals). Let's just say they're influenced by all the good stuff. This underground mix of modern high-gain sound with a heavy, classic 70's vibe is just waiting to be discovered. This is the kind of album that cries for another spin to discover more. Don't miss it!