The Legendary - Half A Devil Single / Video

06 December, 2016

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It's gonna be Legen… wait for it… dary!

The Legendary from Munich is a heavy rock outfit that makes easy accessible stoner rock with the catchiness of Queens Of The Stone Age and the fun no-nonsense approach we know of Danko Jones.

The German Rock 'n' Rollers have premiered the official video for the new single Half A Devil from their upcoming album Let’s Get A Little High, which will be released in January 2017.

Breaking News - Slo Burn Announces Reunion / Desertfest London 2017

01 December, 2016

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I've got some wonderful news for you. Are you ready for this? Slo Burn will reunite next year for Desertfest London. That’s right, fucking Slo Burn! Could there be any better news for my 200th post?

What better place for a SLO BURN reunion than DESERTFEST LONDON, folks? The legendary desert rock unit fronted by none other than the master himself – John Garcia – is set to ravish all desert and stoner rock fans from the outset with a one-off performance in Camden this April.

It's been twenty years since John Garcia's desert rock supergroup SLO BURN released their unique album "Amusing The Amazing", leaving the whole stoner rock scene gambling on a plausible return.

After previously welcoming John Garcia's Unida, DESERTFEST LONDON is now more than honored to host another Palm Desert cornerstone act in Camden. The reunion lineup will comprise John Garcia on vocals, Damon Garrison, Erickson Houghton and Chris Hale, whom will perform their all-time classics "Pilot The Dune", "July", "Muezli", as well as songs taken off the Kyuss catalog.

Other bands announced include headliners Turbonegro, but also Candlemass, Lowrider, Samsara Blues Experiment, Black Spiders, Satan's Satyrs, The Picturebooks, 1000Mods, and dozens more to be confirmed.

28th to 30th April in Camden, London
Weekend passes (£100) available HERE

Get more infos on the Desertfest website
Follow the festival on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Fudge Tunnel - Creep Diets (1993)

27 November, 2016

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Fudge Tunnel, the evil twin of Nirvana, never got enough recognition in my opinion. Their frontman Alex Newport (he was also in Nailbomb) is now a quite successful music producer. Either way, I think you should be pleased with this one.

Getting a full major-label deal didn't affect Fudge Tunnel any in terms of what they did -- Newport still handled production and so forth -- but whichever Sony executive figured they had a radio hit on their hands was probably on some expensive crack. The tight, stop-start riffs and screamed, shouted vocals probably meant visions of Helmet's success danced in the accountant's heads, but MTV didn't come calling. Regardless, for those already taken by the trio's blunt, brute way around metal, Creep Diets maybe had a calmer moment or two in comparison to Hate Songs, but otherwise cranked up the volume and sought to take no prisoners.

Opening track "Grey" gave a hint as to proceedings -- while most of the time it alternated between bass/drums/vocals verses and a crisp full band punch on the chorus, any accusations of Nirvana wannabe status were shredded by the massive go-to-hell solo pasted right in the middle. From there, the trio makes its way, and while things do sound great throughout, songwise there's not much variety -- hasn't hurt a lot of bands, perhaps, but in the end most listeners would want some sort of break. As a result, when Fudge Tunnel does try something different, it stands out -- the key song being "Don't Have Time for You." Smack dab in the middle of the album, it's a lazier lope of a song that still fits into the Fudge Tunnel approach (semi-buried vocals, upfront bass) that works despite not immediately beating in skulls, even with the fried ending. Jazzy drum fills on "Ten Percent" and the apparently Smashing Pumpkins-quoting "Face Down" give other hints of testing bounds. There's a definite sense of humor at play in any event -- why else name a particularly messy number "Tipper Gore"? - AllMusic

The Cyclist Conspiracy - Virility (Video)

26 November, 2016

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The Cyclist Conspiracy annouce their second EP and share the new video!

Belgrade pscyhedelic rock 10-piece The Cyclist Conspiracy share their video for “Virility” and announce the release of their second EP. “Mashallan Plan: Virility” brings 5 brilliant, psychedelic pieces flirting with various range of genres - from heavy metal and krautrock, through traditional and world music to experimental and film music – weaving an epic story about the “quest for true spirituality in the End Times”.

The EP will be released by the British label Trashmouth (The Fat White Family, Meatraffle, Warmduscher) on December 9 and the chapter of “Mashallah Plan” will be closed during the 2017 with the sister EP “Mashallah Plan: Simurghbird”. The video was made by Serbian filmmakers Stefan Malešević and Bojan Vorkapić. You can pre-order the new EP here: Bandcamp - info from the band

Purple Kong - Purple Kong EP (2016)

25 November, 2016

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Purple Kong's self-titled three-track, debut EP is possibly my favourite three-track EP, since...Major Kong's Brave New Kong. Coincidence? Yeah, probably. You can download their EP for free via their Bandcamp page. Of course I encourage you to pay a couple bucks to support the band.

Purple Kong is a stoner doom power trio, hailing from London's underground metal scene. With heavy drums, crushing guitar riffs, thumping low bass, clean powerful vocals and lyrics as dark as their sound, I believe they'll soon get a lot more attention. Their music is heavily influenced by Black Sabbath and Sleep, a wild rampage of 70s proto-metal guitar riffs and distortions. All songs have this awesome Sleep's Sonic Titan vibe. Especially the song Cocaine Pentagram, which is definitely one of my favourite tracks of the year.

Their debut EP is not to be missed. Great stuff created in a classic vein. I hope they make a full-length album soon, because I want more!

Winter Moon - Hearts and Hands EP (2016)

18 November, 2016

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If Winter Moon's sophomore EP was a hot pair of shoes, then I would say - Damn, Daniel. If that's a bit too metaphoric for you (it's even a bit too much for me), let me put it this way. It just blew me away. But if you've heard their previous EP, then you already know that these New Zealanders and Aussies kick some serious ass!

Yes, it's another female fronted retro rock, but they have a unique and refreshing style that will appeal to a broad range of tastes. I just love how Winter Moon transcend many classic rock genres like blues rock, psych-rock, hard rock and it still sounds modern. There's nothing here that's in your face, or pretentious. What is here are clean riffs and toe-tappin' tunes; all furnished and delivered as laid-back and as relaxed as a cat in a pile of warm laundry. The songwriting is taut, soaring and shows how a real band crafts their tunes once the writer has penned the initial song. The musicianship is at a high level. Each song is haunting in its own way with the guitars wailing, drums banging, keyboards conjuring melodies and soulful powerhouse vocals. There are no songs that one would want to skip. Every song is at least really great, catchy and well-crafted. This is a rare feat for entire album, no matter the musical genre.

Overall, I find this album to be a wonderful time machine to a simpler era. Hearts and Hands is one of those records that will stand the test of time. An album that is definitely worth the money. Anyone who likes the blues with an up beat sound has to listen to this. You won't be disappointed!

Creep Purple - A new website to remember!

14 November, 2016

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Creep Purple is a really cool website created by Paulius Plytnikas that you can check anytime to see a huge list of record labels and mailorders which are concentrated to psych/stoner rock and doom/sludge metal from all over the world. The site also promote places where people can buy merch directly from the bands. If you want your band or record label/shop to be linked there, just contact Paulius and he will include it to Creep Purple. No charges whatsoever, this man has a mission to help the bands and labels.

P.S. I've added a new section to Stoner Mountain called Links (I'm so creative with names). It's a collection of links to blogs/websites/youtube channels/record labels etc. that I enjoy and think that you might like as well.

Dead Witches - Mind Funeral Video

13 November, 2016

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Dead Witches is a brand new doom metal project, which features Psychedelic Witchcraft frontwoman Virginia Monti and Electric Wizard’s Mark Greening. Finally after some mysterious teasers, the band surprised us with a full song. Here is the Video for Mind Funeral, a track from Dead Witches upcoming debut album.

Mind Funeral is a slow plodding heavy as hell song. It has a good groove and powerful presence, from the ethereal and spacey vocals to the raw guitar riffs and bass line, not to mention the drums' ability to make you want to bang your head. Would love to hear more!

Black Prism - Eye For An Eye Single (2016)

08 November, 2016

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Here's a cool freebie from Black Prism, a heavy stoner rock band from Los Angeles. Check out the Bandcamp link below to get your copy.

Eye For An Eye is only the band's second single and it left me quite impressed. Great guitar work that assaults your ears; pounding, thunderous bass and big drums. With vocals that are both bizarre and addictive. Early Stonebride instantly came to mind, but be sure to listen and make your own opinion.

Not too hard, not too soft.. just right. I really enjoyed this. Keep watching this band, they will no doubt make a mark someday. Get on board now before your friends are barking at you about it in a few months.

GRASS - Evil Wife Video

05 November, 2016

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Last year, the Spanish stoner rock band GRASS released their debut album Rosamonte. An album filled with funky bass lines and sweet guitar riffs. Their overall sound somewhat reminded me of Clutch. Nothing too groundbreaking, but who gives a damn when it rocks this hard? Definitely worth checking out.

Now GRASS released its debut music video for the song Evil Wife, filmed under the direction of Oriol Perez Alcaraz. Give it a watch!

Possessor - Revenge Single (2016)

31 October, 2016

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There's one magical, haunted evening each year when all the scary creatures come out to prowl through every neighborhood.

Trick or treat? Nah, just kidding. No tricks! Here' s a fine little treat from Possessor, a two track Single recorded specially for Halloween. Of course it's free to download from their Bandcamp.

Revenge, the first track is a total metal assault with razor-sharp riffs, a couple of tempo shifts and a nice guitar solo. It's really thrashy. I'm listening to this song and banging my head! Possibly my favorite Possessor song ever.
The second song - The Foreboding is a slow, atmospheric instrumental song, with some cool tribal-like drumming. Good enough to put anyone in a hypnotic trance.

All in all, an excellent Halloween gift. What are you waiting for? Hurry up and download it!

P.S. Check out Possessor's last album - Dead By Dawn

Heavy Traffic - Rule of Nines / Medicated Bed Single (2016)

29 October, 2016

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The Brooklyn based vintage psychedelic doom rockers from Heavy Traffic just signed with Twin Earth Records (BTW check out the band Haunted from this label) and here's a preview of their next album. Is it a Single or EP? I don't know, call it whatever you like.

Heavy Traffic is a good combination of loud psychedelic rock and doomy rhythms, following in the footsteps of bands like Witch, Winters and Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats. I can also hear small traces of the group’s influence on early ’90s British shoegazing bands like My Bloody Valentine (or it could be just my imagination). The guitar is overdriven and fuzzed-out, the bass and drums pound frantically and it's all captured in great lo-fi production. The singer has a fairly androgynous high-pitched voice, something eerie, yet very enjoyable. They definitely got my attention with this two song Single, now I really want to hear the whole thing.

Basically, some kick-ass psychedelic grooves on here, definitely worth checking out! If you have not been exposed to Heavy Traffic's earlier work, then this is the place to start. If you like those songs a lot then delve a little further back and get the rest of their records!

Blackdust - Blackdust (2016)

28 October, 2016

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Brazilian football might be lately not as good as it was years ago, but the musisc is still world class. Here's a new awesome band from São Paulo and their self-titled debut album, that I discovered just two days ago. Since then I listen to this album at the higher volume and I'm fully anticipating the neighbors knocking on the door wondering what the hell is going on.

I can't even begin to describe how great this record is. This album is short, but gives you enough fun to where it doesn't matter on the length. Not one song on this album is below exceptional, there's no filler. Basically, it's energetic and bluesy retro rock. It has a lot of catchy guitar riffs, cool guitar licks, wild solo's, an impasioned singer with a lot of soul and the quality of the sound is great. You get the feeling that you've heard it all before, but soon realise this is brand new hard driving blues rock. In some ways, Blackdust reminds me of Wolfmother. It's not exactly the same sound, but there certainly is a similar vibe.

It's an excellant piece of work. If you like rock, if you like big riffs and pounding drums - Blackdust is for you. Get it, put it on at your next party and Rock and Roll all night long! I'm sure everybody will love it!

Oh, and did mention it's avaible as a free "name your price" downlaod on their Bandcamp?