Stoner Mountain's Weekly Bandcamp Discoveries #3

13 March, 2017

Stoner Mountain's Weekly Bandcamp Discoveries Cover

First of all, sorry I haven't written a blog post in so many days, but I have been preoccupied with work.

You know who loves a good list? Every single one of you. So here's a new list of Stoner Mountain's Weekly Bandcamp Discoveries. From Finnish stoner rock to Mexican dark jazz, here are 11 discoveries I made this past week. For the first time, there's no black metal album closing the list. I just couldn't find anything interesting.

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Void Cruiser - Wayfarer Album Cover

Void Cruiser - Wayfarer

After two years since their last record, Void Cruiser is back. Big time. Their new album, Wayfarer, is a powerful, groovy and psychedelic-driven collection of blazing songs. This heavy psych stoner rock quartet from Helsinki managed to create a wonderful balance between hooks, melody and utterly heavy riffage. However, the fantastic vocals are definitely the paramount instrument to this band. The singer sounds like a mix between Mark Lanegan, Chris Cornell and Mike Patton. He is truly amazing... Enough said. This album is untouchable. Play it loud!

Favourite track: All Over Nowhere

Humbaba - A Timeless Mass Album Cover

Humbaba - A Timeless Mass

Humbaba is a psychedelic stoner doom quartet from Istanbul, Turkey and A Timeless Mass is their first full-length album. It was released a month ago and has been playing aloud on my Spotify repetitively this past week. Humbaba has a pretty distinctive sound with a lot of killer riffs and cool solos, although they self-proclaim they are stoner doom, you could call them even prog metal. This is an absolutely amazing release, that is very easy to recommend. I strongly suggest throwing this on your aux cord this spring while driving around in your car.

Favourite track: Lost and Fine With It

Octopussy - Birdman Single Cover

Octopussy - Birdman Single

Next up is Poland’s Octopussy, a pure stoner rock 'n’ roll band from Gdynia. When I first heard the single Birdman I was very much intrigued. The simple, yet catchy guitar riff had me captivated. Their sound is so fresh, optimistic and definitely danceable. Octopussy is about to release their second full-length album in June called Dwarfs and Giants, which Birdman is taken from. I already can't wait for summer!

Favourite track: Birdman

Sonora - The Fire From Within EP Cover

Sonora - The Fire From Within EP

Sonora is an instrumental stoner rock formation from Barnaul, Russia. A lot of their influences came from krautrock and space rock as well. The prolific act has offered a lot of releases in the past year and 2017 seems not to be different, because The Fire From Within came out in February and they already released a new EP in March, Ash And Bones. On The Fire From Within, the band offers up four amazing shades of warm, fuzz-out desert rock that can really trip you up. Each song is different from the ones next to it, and each is distinctive in its own way. Just forget about your problems for 25 minutes and put on The Fire From Within.

Favourite track: Yardman's Blues

Heavycraft - Conversion EP Cover

Heavycraft - Conversion EP

Heavycraft is a three piece music machine hailing from Cedar Rapids, USA. Conversion EP contains six songs that combine infectious, harmonious vocals with crushing, yet groove laden guitar riffs. It's somehow classic, without being self-consciously retro, and fresh and awesome at the same time. I guess this album does sound like a lighter version of The Sword but the vocals are much better here. It has a certain flow that will make you come back for more.

Favourite track: Wishing Well

OMY - The Beginning Starts With the End Single

OMY - The Beginning Starts With the End Single

This is perhaps my favourite pick in this section. OMY is a blues rock powerhouse quartet straight from Moscow, Russia. The band recently released their first single, a 10-minute long track. The Beginning Starts With the End sounds almost Temple of the Dog-esque with powerful Chris Cornell-style vocals. But it showcases a variety of influence and talent that cannot be left unheard. From the first note to the last, this song captivates the listener and pulls them in for a wonderful journey.

Favourite track: The Beginning Starts With the End

Stonerror - Stonerror Album Cover

Stonerror - Stonerror

Stonerror is the sophomore release from this desert rock group from Kraków, Poland. Stonerror's sound is a mix of their main musical influences the likes of Kyuss, Dozer and Queens of the Stone Age. The album is overflowed with infectious melodies, amusing lyrics, and tons of energy. The mix on here is great, it's nice and heavy, crunchy, and just dirty enough to maintain its power without losing clarity. OK, so maybe the group isn't bringing anything new to this well-established genre. That doesn't make Stonerror any less of a blast to listen to.

Favourite track: The Wolf

Damn Craters - Damn Craters EP Cover

Damn Craters - Damn Craters EP

England's Damn Craters just released their first self-titled three-track EP. The band plays some groovy stoner metal with a hint of Tool and Soundgarden (not a too bad comparison if you ask me). Expect a massive sound, huge riffs and a thumping rhythm section. The more you listen to it, the more it falls into place and traps you under its spell. Download the EP for free from their Bandcamp and expect beautiful things from them in the future.

Favourite track: Bin Money

The Savage Blush - Singles Cover

The Savage Blush - Singles

The Savage Blush is an alternative rock band from Denver, USA and they've recently released two new tracks. Both songs are a fine mélange of buzzing guitars, catchy bass, thundering drums and impassioned female vocals. Their music can be described as a powerful fusion of psychedelic rock, desert rock, and indie rock with a dash of surf rock. Half Broken and Heartbreak Hunter are great songs to start digging into The Savage Blush's work. You can download the singles for free at the band's Bandcamp page.

Favourite track: Heartbreak Hunter

Imandra - Gusfraber Album Cover

Imandra - Gusfraber

Imandra from Saint Petersburg is already the third Russian band on this list. The band sings in Russian which makes them remarkably different from the other entries. Their newest album, Gusfraber, is an amazing blend of progressive metal, grunge, groove metal with quality doom metal overtones to complete what is a very good slab of alternative metal. It's a really well made album with varying tempos and tight musicianship, and if you dig any of these kinds of music you should pick it up immediately.

Favourite track: Родригез

The Dark Jazz Lounge

Centralia Avenue - Lemniscata EP Cover

Centralia Avenue - Lemniscata EP

Centralia Avenue is a duo from Atlacomulco, Mexico consisting of musicians Baruch Gandil and Byron Figueroa. The band combines a variety of influences, from dark jazz and post-rock to cinematic soundtrack music with the moods and soundscapes of dark ambient. Their newest, completely instrumental EP, Lemniscata, is a well-crafted melancholic dark jazz record that captured much of the spirit of Angelo Badalamenti's haunting music. Ideal music to drift away with on a perfectly dark foggy night.

Favourite track: Kozmic Tapir

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