Cavity - Supercollider (2003 Reissue)

20 September, 2009

Cavity - Supercollider Album Cover

Reissued on Hydrahead Records with two bonus tracks and a new artwork. Cavity's opus magnum Supercollider is one of the best sludge metal releases of the '90s.

Dating as far back as 1999, Supercollider was the album that put Cavity on the musical map. Showing off virtuosity and style in such an excellent way that they outranked stylemates Bongzilla and even Eyehategod, they unfortunately never received the attention they deserved due to improper distribution by Man's Ruin. Now that Supercollider is being reissued, almost five years later, one cannot deny that it is still a hell of an album that outweighs most of its competition. Sounding like Ministry at its peak meeting Black Sabbath at its darkest, the songs screech, churn and writhe their way into your brain, leaving a lasting impression that is not easily replaced. The album is an intriguing listen from beginning to end, something that cannot be said of Eyehategod and Bongzilla. Even more important is that even though the original release wasn't badly produced, the new rich and dense production that Hydra Head applied to this album is absolutely killer and makes the musical originality of Cavity even more noticeable. If you don't own the original release, Supercollider is an absolute must. If you consider yourself a sludge fanatic, you'll particularly fancy this reissue due to the superior sound quality and the bonus track. Either way, Supercollider is a winner. -

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