Cathedral - Soul Sacrifice EP (1992)

17 March, 2011

Cathedral - Soul Sacrifice EP Cover

Four songs of mad doom.

Normally I'm not a big fan of EPs, as I feel they aren't worth the money in most cases. However, with Cathedral it is a different story, all of their EPs have something different to offer. This one is no different, with the faster version of the song Soul Sacrfice, the band foreshadows their new direction, a bit faster doom metal with plenty of groove. Autumn Twilight is similar and its video kind of shows a stoner approach by the band. Of course later on these effects would be fully developed by the band. Frozen Rapture is a slower and heavier track, while the closing song Golden Blood is again a bit groovier. 24 minutes, but all worth it.

In the end, this EP is highly recommended for Cathedral fans, and for fans of Doom/Stoner metal. - yeentrancemperium

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