Narcoiris - Cazador (2009)

12 February, 2012

Narcoiris - Cazador Album Cover

Another band from Argentina on Stoner Mountain. Regardless of what the band says, this is psychedelic stoner rock ;).

Since 2008, we're a heavy rock trio from Argentina. it's not stoner, doom or psychadelic, just rock. We like Sabbath, Zeppelin, Beatles and we're all about classic rock. Our first (unreleased) record "Cazador" is a dense, heavy, thick 6-song album with an equal amount of good riffing and dark melodies. -

Fernando "Finger" Figueiras: guitar and vocals
Mariano Bertolazzi: bass and vocals
Sebastián "El Bonzo" Romani: drums


  1. I like this a lot, thanks very much. I much prefer lyrics in a language I don't understand, you can't get annoyed if they're rubbish then :)

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