Unseen Terror - Human Error (1987)

09 April, 2012

Unseen Terror - Human Error Album Cover

This is a very good record to start with grind, mainly because of the vocals, you can actually understand what Mitch Dickinson's singing, which is a rare thing in grindcore. The lyrics are mostly about the social and politics problems, but a few songs are about Garfield! Yes, Garfield, the funny, cynical, lasagna loving cat.

PS. Garfield for President!

UNSEEN TERROR featured a pre-NAPALM DEATH bassist Shane Embury. Vocalist / bassist Mitch Dickinson was also in parallel a member of both HERESY and ANTICHRIST. Both Embury and Dickinson are also erstwhile members of pioneering early eighties Shropshire death Metal act WARHAMMER. In 1987 UNSEEN TERROR had two songs included on the Bailey Brothers compilation album 'Diminished Responsibility' and subsequently scored a label deal with the fledgling Earache label. The album, 'Human Error', was recorded at Rich Bitch Studios in Birmingham during September of 1987. By this stage Embury was already gigging as a member of NAPALM DEATH and, as a further side concern alongside guitarist Pete Giles and former WARHAMMER man Wayne Ashton had founded Death Metal act AZAGTHOTH, putting in one gig in London in December of that year. The band altered its formation upon completion of the record, switching Giles to bass and Dickinson to guitar. Subsequently, DOOM, EXTREME NOIZE TERROR and NAPALM DEATH drummer Mick Harris was announced as the band's new singer. In March of 1988 UNSEEN TERROR cut tracks for airing on John Peel's Radio One show and performed a solitary show in Nottingham that same month with Wayne Aston temping on bass. This line up, and the band, soon collapsed. - rockdetector.com


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