Estoner - Lennud Saatana Dimensioonis (2016)

09 May, 2016

Estoner - Lennud Saatana Dimensioonis Album Cover

Estoner is a mighty four-piece band from Tallinn, Estonia.

Lennud Saatana Dimensioonis is their second album and it brings us an interesting form of dark, psychedelic doom. These guys deliver a really hard-hitting sound from start to finish, no fillers, only killers. The album is filled with crushing, epic and atmospheric sound, even with some great black metal inspirations. I really love this album and it gets better after each listen. Listen to it, if you don't believe me. A huge and immersive sound, highly recommended! I hope this band gets some recognition in the stoner/doom metal community.

Big thanks to Golem Records for providing this great album for preview.

Bandcamp | Facebook | Youtube

You can buy the album here (CD and Vinyl)
download it for few euros from their Bandcamp

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