Demons From the Dungeon Dimension - As the Crow Flies (2016)

05 August, 2016

Demons From the Dungeon Dimension - As the Crow Flies Album Cover

I have to catch up with some older requests. To start with I present you the first band from Africa on Stoner Mountain. It's great to get music from all corners of the world.

Demons From the Dungeon Dimension is some heavy psyched out vintage doom band from Durban, South Africa. This is their self-released debut album. They created a distinct blend of stoner, Seattle Sound, heavy & doom metal in a raw 70's package. You can even notice some slightly tangible oldschool black metal influence in one or two songs. I guesss Windhand is the closest band that comes to my mind. The production is not that bad, but very far from perfect. But you must remember that it's a DIY record and it's not that easy to record an album as a metal band in South Africa.

Thanks to Duncan for sending me this one. Check it out & give them a visit below (also listen to their newest EP, which you can download for free)!

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