Winter Moon - Hearts and Hands EP (2016)

18 November, 2016

Winter Moon - Hearts and Hands EP Cover

If Winter Moon's sophomore EP was a hot pair of shoes, then I would say - Damn, Daniel. If that's a bit too metaphoric for you (it's even a bit too much for me), let me put it this way. It just blew me away. But if you've heard their previous EP, then you already know that these New Zealanders and Aussies kick some serious ass!

Yes, it's another female-fronted retro rock, but they have a unique and refreshing style that will appeal to a broad range of tastes. I just love how Winter Moon transcends many classic rock genres like blues rock, psych-rock, hard rock and it still sounds modern. There's nothing here that's in your face, or pretentious. What is here are clean riffs and toe-tappin' tunes; all furnished and delivered as laid-back and as relaxed as a cat in a pile of warm laundry. The songwriting is taut, soaring and shows how a real band crafts their tunes once the writer has penned the initial song. The musicianship is at a high level. Each song is haunting in its own way with the guitars wailing, drums banging, keyboards conjuring melodies and soulful powerhouse vocals. There are no songs that one would want to skip. Every song is at least really great, catchy and well-crafted. This is a rare feat for an entire album, no matter the musical genre.

Overall, I find this album to be a wonderful time machine to a simpler era. Hearts and Hands is one of those records that will stand the test of time. An album that is definitely worth the money. Anyone who likes the blues with an upbeat sound has to listen to this. You won't be disappointed!

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