Corrosion of Conformity - In the Arms of God (2005)

25 December, 2009

Corrosion of Conformity - In the Arms of God Album Cover

"After a lengthy break from recording, Corrosion of Conformity have come back strong on this 2005 release. As direct and tight as Wiseblood, this new outing displays the grooves and heaviness apparent with other NOLA bands, exemplified by heavyweights Down and Crowbar . It’s hard and heavy yet melodic throughout. C.O.C. remain one of the more overtly political bands on the hard rock scene. Tracks "Dirty Hands, Empty Pockets," and "Never Turns To More" are direct odes to the tarnished American dream and the struggle to remain individual as a human. The album also has a sublime and spiritual feel to it. The combination of these factors, along with the sludgy metal, makes this album feel like the direct descendent of such Black Sabbath classics as Masters of Reality and Sabotage, which is pretty amazing lineage." --Robert Arambel


  1. AHHH! I wanted so bad to D/L this! I used to be a huge fan and still am but never got a chance to hear this album. Was a huge fan of Wiseblood and early stuff. I hope you get your Rapidshare fixed soon! Please repost this one!!

  2. Fixed, after veeeeery long time:). Sorry.

  3. Grazie mi piace molto queste blog!