She Loves Pablo - Mother Of All (2009)

25 December, 2009

She Loves Pablo - Mother Of All Album Cover

Checkout this cool psychedelic stoner band from the sunny Croatia. Show them some love

She Loves Pablo is a three-piece band from Zagreb, Croatia. Started in late 2005. as a stoner-rock duo (Domagoj – guitars/vocals, Leo – drums), the band immediately recorded its first demo, entitled simply «She Loves Pablo». They played their first dozen shows in and around their hometown, sneaking into the Croatian stoner scene which was rapidly growing at the time, and is now kicking ass with amazing bands such as Ruiz, Cojones, Stonebride, Umor, Toro, and «Sonic Doom Records», an indie label making it all easier. In 2006. the band recorded their second CD, an EP entitled «Country Home», where they experimented with a different, more radio-friendly sound. The following year was a year of change. Hrvoje (bass) joined in, adding that low-frequency ass-kicking which was missing. This gave the band room to experiment and to step away from the stoner-rock stereotypes, combining blues influences with a massive, psychedelic groove. The band's debut album, «Mother Of All» was recorded and self-released in 2009. It contains 10 tracks from almost every era of the band, and beautifully sums up the work of She Loves Pablo. And the tumbleweed keeps rollin'...

Band members:
Domagoj – guitar/vocals
Hrvoje – bass guitar
Leo – drums


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