Nap - Villa (2016)

10 September, 2016

Nap - Villa Album Cover

Nap is an (mostly) instrumental formation from Oldenburg, Germany and Villa is their debut LP. The band describes itself as "psychedelic sounds, up- tempo beats, grooving Doom and Stoner-riffage". And that's what you'll get on this sweet album; tight, dirty, garage-injected groovy rock. Filled with driving riffs, catchy hooks and a warm 70's sound. Their sound instantly reminds me of the first time listening to bands like Yawning Man, Rotor and Ahkmed (you get the idea?). My favourite track "Xurf", takes us on a psychedelic surfin' desert boogie, it could be played in a Tarantino movie.
Another fantastic album coming from an amazing free form psychedelic/ desert rock trio. It will take you on a fuzzy instrumental trip!

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