Major Kong - Brave New Kong (2016)

30 September, 2016

Major Kong - Brave New Kong Album Cover

It's about time to present you a release from my country. Just ten months after their last Ep, Major Kong from Lublin is back with another EP. It came out almost a month ago, but I finally got to hear this gem.

Major Kong offers a fully instrumental cosmic trip into bulky stoner metal. Throughout the 13 minutes that is Brave New World, the band manages to create a highly listenable trip. Delivering 3 tracks filled with thick, fuzzy doom drenched in cloudy psychedelica. These guys throw out some crushing riffs, massive grooves and hard hitting drumwork while staying really dynamic in their own distinct way. The tracks are well-written and the overall sound is everything what you could wish for.

Their sound is one big epic adventure, listen without distraction from start to finish. Overwhelming, atmospheric & highly immersive. Currently one of the most heavy Polish bands out there. I can't wait for a full-length album with the same vibe.

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