Baron Crâne - Electric Shades EP (2016)

18 December, 2016

Baron Crâne - Electric Shades EP Cover

Baron Crane is an instrumental band from Paris, France which alternates its style skilfully between jazz, noise and stoner rock to create beautiful soundscapes. They have released a new six-song EP that can be downloaded for free on Bandcamp. Make sure to check out their fantastic self-titled debut EP.

Baron Crane's music is very thoughtful, quite challenging but highly rewarding. It lurches cleverly between incredibly energetic yet memorable melodies, ambition and experimentation. Their well-received previous release proved they are one of the most creative and compelling acts in the stoner rock underground. Once again the band blends progressive rock, jazz rock, noise and stoner rock elements, casting all music boundaries aside, to create epic rhythms and nasty grooves.

Swirling with different time signatures, musical styles and rapturous energy, Baron Crane prove that genres are for the common man and that genius lies in the outliers. It might turn off some conventional rock lovers, but for those who would like to listen to creativity being tested, they will love Electric Shades. It is truly a work of art!


  1. grazie per tutti!!!
    mi piace molto la publicazione!!!

  2. I got their first EP after reading about it on your blog and was really excited when i learned they released another album - it is just as great and i hope it gets all the attention it deserves.

    1. That's cool. I hope so too.

      P.S. Thanks for reading my blog.