BCMC - BCMC Single / EP (2016)

19 December, 2016

BCMC - BCMC Single / EP Cover

BCMC is a noise rock / stoner rock duo from Montevideo, Uruguay consisting of Bruno Conti on drums and Matías Cor on vocals/guitars. They just released their two-track debut record, wich can be downloaded for free from their Bandcamp.

On their first release they bring forth their South American stoner rock with a dose of punk energy, inspired by the good old Queens of the Stone Age. If you are in the mood for choppy riffs and loud pounding drums, that makes you swoon and wanna bang your head at the same time, then check these guys out. You might not understand the lyrics of BCMC, but you don't have to - the rhythm and the vocals are too catchy not to appreciate. Show them some love!

click the picture to play the song

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