Grajo/​​Orthodox - Split EP (2017)

05 April, 2017

Grajo is a band that needs to be talked about much more. The Córdoba-based doom metal act quietly released a pristine sounding full-length debut in 2016 to only sporadic acclaim, but it's deserving of much more widespread praise. Their recent two-track split EP with Orthodox is an occasion to remind you of this band. An occasion too good to be missed!

This split starts off with Grajo's Black Thunder Witch, by far the better song on the record. It's fresh and incredibly catchy. Grajo's music is heavy, poppy, psychedelic and sounds like a modern-day Saint Vitus. A very hard thing to explain is the excellent sounding vocals. Liz's vocals are truly unforgettable, bold but yet very soft, love listening to her beautiful voice! She also provided guest vocals on Orthodox's track. Grajo has proven themselves yet again to be extremely promising.

Sevilla's Orthodox contribute the second half of the split and while solid, have a hard time matching the awesomeness of the first song. The band did a cover of Neil Young's War of Man. And if riding first impressions, it'd be easy to say that the song sounds like it was recorded by the Melvins. So basically what we have here are some thick, powerful riffs instead of Neil Young's soft, acoustic tune.

But overall, this split is a very good release. It's definitely something everyone should pick up; both bands are worth your support and attention.

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