Ohhms - The World Official video

07 April, 2017

Canterbury-based progressive sludgers Ohhms have unveiled the new video to their track ‘The World’. Vocalist Paul Waller gives a bit of background about this new song:

Lyrically, ‘The World’ is a character study of a friend of mine who was so overcome by conspiracy theories that he couldn’t function in the world any longer. He began to lose his mind and was deemed by a shrink to be unfit to work because he was delusional. It started small, with a few YouTube videos about NASA and Chem-Trails but within six months he was telling me how the Earth was flat and that I was a part of the sheeple movement because I wasn’t willing to do research myself into his claims.

I don’t judge him, people that are heavily into organised religion seem just as bizarre to me, but what I found fascinating was the way in which all his friends and family turned their back on him, he would have been better off telling them he had become a full-time smack head. At least they would have had a point of reference to relate to him with. As it stands he is all alone in the world now and I don’t see him as much but when I do, it’s never boring, I'll tell you that.

The UK natives will be on tour with Hark and Bossk this spring. Check out the tour dates below:

OHHMS co-headline tour w/ HARK

12.04 | Plymouth | Underground (tickets)
13.04 | Nottingham | The Chameleon Arts Cafe (tickets)
14.04 | Liverpool | EBGB's (tickets)
15.04 | Leeds | Temple Of Boom Leeds (tickets)
OHHMS on tour w/ BOSSK

20.04 | London / Boston Music Room
w/ Slabdragger, Haast's Eagled and Conjurer (tickets)
12.05 | Manchester | Rebellion Manchester (tickets)
13.05 | Glasgow | Audio Glasgow (tickets)
14.05 | Birmingham | The Flapper (tickets)

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