Stoner Mountain's Weekly Bandcamp Discoveries #4

01 May, 2017

Stoner Mountain's Weekly Bandcamp Discoveries Cover

Welcome to another issue of Stoner Mountain's Weekly Bandcamp Discoveries. It's been a while since the last one. Maybe it should be renamed 'Monthly Bandcamp Discoveries'?... Heh... Yeah, I'm really sorry about that. I don't have a lot of free time lately and I don't expect things to change anytime soon. That's why this issue contains only eight entries. It's a mix of some recent discoveries, and some older material. This time you’ll find artists from France, Italy, USA, South Africa and Russia.

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Libido Fuzz - A Guide Into Synesthesia Album Cover

Libido Fuzz - A Guide Into Synesthesia

Sometimes the best albums are the albums that come out of nowhere. Everyone that invests a lot of time into listening to music knows the joy of hearing a band for the very first time and having them just totally blow you away. Bordeaux-based trio Libido Fuzz did that for me on their second full-length album. They provide a 70's psychedelic/blues sound with excellent guitar work and a bombastic rhythm section. Every element of A Guide Into Synesthesia screams epic. The whole LP is packed with cool fuzz/wah-wah driven songs. If you love Radio Moscow's music, then check out this mighty jam-packed album, you'll most likely love it as well.

Favourite track: Sparks

The Deaf Commission - Neon Ghosts Album Cover

The Deaf Commission - Neon Ghosts

The Deaf Commission is a four-piece band from Johannesburg, South Africa. After releasing their first EP three years ago, they finally dropped a full-length album, Neon Ghosts, just a month ago. Their debut album is packed with insanely infectious guitar riffs, strong melodious vocal harmonies and energy that will shake your pants off. They take everything that's good in desert rock to make the best out of it, creating addictive and lovely songs with a high-repeat listening potential. Yes, they are a Queens of the Stone Age ripoff band but a very good one. I would love to see them myself. Because it just sounds like it would be a whole lot of fun to watch.

Favourite track: Hostage

Fenriver - Δ Album Cover

Fenriver - Δ

Fenriver is a four-piece stoner rock band from Italy, with a recently self-released eponymous debut EP named Δ. It's the delta symbol, so I guess it should be just called Delta. It's groovy, frenetic and fun. Hard-hitting psychedelia meets with infectious desert rock hooks. The Fenriver sound is built on the snarled, raspy Lemmy-esque vocals, gritty, bouncy guitar riffs, thunderous percussion and pounding rhythm of the bass. I really like that some of their songs are written and sung in Italian. Check it out. It’s worth it!

Favourite track: Morphine Dose Blues

Gossamer - Gossamer Album Cover

Gossamer - Gossamer

Gossamer is a band from Philadelphia that has just released a self-titled debut EP. Well, actually they released it over a month ago. The record may only have four tracks on it, but the band makes damn sure that you get your money's worth in each of those four songs. Musically, Gossamer combines elements of post-metal and post-rock with depressive rock and even some doom metal to create a sombre, yet peaceful atmosphere. This is one hell of an album. It takes you through every conceivable mood! Emotional and driving, they are a band to keep an eye on.

Favourite track: Medusa

Sleeping Tigers - Ancient Request Album Cover

Sleeping Tigers - Ancient Request

Sleeping Tigers is a stoner rock trio based in Salt Lake City, consisting of Chance Jeremy, Taylor Whitman and Andres Rivera. What do they sound like? They're a mix between say Dozer, Fu Manchu meets Stone Temple Pilots. So expect insistent grooves, killer hooks and hypnotic melodies. With just a two-track EP, a band doesn't have much time to make an impression on the listener, but Sleeping Tigers certainly know what a desert rock record should be. By the way, the EP is available for free download.

Favourite track: Railroads

Obey The Wolves - Obey The Wolves Album Cover
Obey The Wolves - Obey The Wolves

Hailing from Los Angeles, Obey The Wolves is a two-piece band featuring guitar and drums. A band that released their self-titled debut EP last month. Obey The Wolves is a catchy slice of dirty, gritty hard rock with an angry, grungy vocal and hooks designed to lodge in your skull. The EP flows as if it was recorded in one take and the songs are distinguishable from one another. I can definitely hear some of the Nirvana and Melvins influences of the band coming through the first and last song. The only problem with Obey The Wolves is its brevity. At only four songs (and 12 minutes), it is over before it starts. I can't wait to hear a full album!

Favourite track: A Suitcase Full Of Fun

The Dark Jazz Lounge

Bebopovsky And The Orkestry Podyezdov - Twin Peaks Theme Single Cover

Bebopovsky And The Orkestry Podyezdov - Twin Peaks Theme Single

Twin Peaks is coming back to life with a new season, so now might be the perfect opportunity to introduce you to Bebopovsky And The Orkestry Podyezdov's cover of the Twin Peaks Theme. Hailing from Samara, Russia, Bebopovsky And The Orkestry Podyezdov, contrary to what the name might suggest, is not an ensemble, but a one-man project of a prolific saxophonist named Voldemar Bibopovsky.

The Twin Peaks Theme Single contains two songs - Twin Peaks Theme (Angelo Badalamenti) and Twin Peaks Theme (Live Version). The first one is a distinctive variation of the song's original melody largely centred around a smooth harmonic sax and the second is a pretty straightforward cover. Both are great tunes! You can also download all his music for free from Bandcamp.

P.S. The owls are not what they seem.

Favourite track: Twin Peaks Theme (Angelo Badalamenti)

Aelter - IV Love Eternal Album Cover

Aelter - IV Love Eternal

The second dark jazz record is Aelter's IV Love Eternal. Actually, I should say dark jazz-ish due to how many other overtones from dark americana, black, doom and avantgarde metal that are on the album. These guys are absolutely amazing when it comes to creating a dark, dreary atmosphere. They blend a Holy Money-era Swans sound with elements from Nick Cave's projects. Aelter's slow, heavy and minimalistic music is accompanied by a deep brooding vocal that also reminds me of Nick Cave. Someone called them blackened Badalamenti and I think that he (or she) described them perfectly.

Favourite track: Love Eternal

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