Slo Burn - Amusing The Amazing (1997)

26 May, 2012

Slo Burn - Amusing The Amazing Album Cover

The classic and legendary four song EP. A must-hear for every stoner!

Slo Burn - Demo (1996)

26 May, 2012

Slo Burn - Demo Album Cover

Another stoner oldies but goldies. Slo Burn's Demo and Amusing The Amazing. I think that everyone knows who Slo Burn was and and there's no need to introduce them.

The Want - 5 O'Clock Orange (1996)

24 May, 2012

The Want - 5 O'Clock Orange Album Cover

I just found this album in a pawn shop (I paid only 1 euro!!!) a few days ago, so here's my rip. I highly recommend this to fans of retro rock! Just check the song below, Ballroller is a killer song.

Umor - Pralayaah (2011)

Umor - Umor EP (2009)

13 May, 2012

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Umor - Umor EP Cover

Back to Croatia and one of my favourite stoner rock scene. Umor are from Zagreb, Crotia. They describe themselves as loud and heavy atmospheric rock/metal band with stoner and doom influences. I love their split with Cojones (another great Croatian band) back in 2007 and I was listening to it everyday for a very long time. This EP almost as good as that Split. Highly recommended!

Naked City - Torture Garden (1989)

05 May, 2012

Naked City - Torture Garden Album Cover

More grindcore next month.

Naked City was an avant-garde music group led by saxophonist and composer John Zorn. Active primarily in New York City from 1988 to 1993, Naked City was initiated by Zorn as a "composition workshop" to test the limits of composition (and improvisation) in a traditional rock band lineup. Their music incorporated recognizable elements of jazz, surf, classical, heavy metal, grindcore, country, punk rock and other genres.

PainKiller - Execution Ground (1994)

05 May, 2012

PainKiller - Execution Ground Album Cover

The last one from PainKiller, the double album Execution Ground.

"The first disc of this inventive and unsettling two-disc set features three long improvisations that show off the band's dub influence. The second disc, subtitled "Ambient Dub," is a rethinking/remix of the third and first improvs on the first disc. Overall less thrashy than some Painkiller excursions, the improvisations here are striking for their greater sonic space without sacrificing any of the heaviness" - wiki

PainKiller - Buried Secrets (1992)

05 May, 2012

PainKiller - Buried Secrets Album Cover

First of all, this post is my jubilee 150th post, yay! So, I want to tell you all - Thank you for taking a little time out of each of your days to visit Stoner Mountain. And a big Thank YOU to all my followers.

Ok, here's PainKiller's second EP featuring guest appearances by Godflesh's Justin Broadrick and G.C. Green on two tracks.

PainKiller - Guts of a Virgin (1991)

05 May, 2012

PainKiller - Guts of a Virgin Album Cover

Be forewarned, this music is not for the weak-minded :). Here comes PainKiller's debut EP - Guts of a Virgin.

Grind madness on the Stoner Mountain (Part 3)

05 May, 2012

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Grind madness on the Stoner Mountain Post Header Image

Another month, another Grind Madness. Well, this time comes something different - John Zorn's avant-garde grind/jazzcore projects PainKiller and Naked City.

PS. If someone does not know what's going on with this Grind Madness, than click here for more information.