Kannabinõid - Troon (2016)

30 May, 2016

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Kannabinõid - Troon Album Cover

Sorry for the delay. But I guess it's never too late to take this awesome trip.

Kannabinõid is a stoner/doom power-trio from Tallinn, Estonia, formed in 2009. This is their debut full-length album (there's also an EP from 2012), presenting 3 songs of atmospheric stoner doom. Highly influenced by Sleep/ Om with a heavy focus on epic, monolithic riffs. It's slow, raw, pounding and heavy. A formula that works like a charm when done correctly. A great release for lovers of slow, sludge infested doom. Check it out, you shouldn't be disappointed.

Estoner - Lennud Saatana Dimensioonis (2016)

09 May, 2016

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Estoner - Lennud Saatana Dimensioonis Album Cover

Estoner is a mighty four-piece band from Tallinn, Estonia.

Lennud Saatana Dimensioonis is their second album and it brings us an interesting form of dark, psychedelic doom. These guys deliver a really hard-hitting sound from start to finish, no fillers, only killers. The album is filled with crushing, epic and atmospheric sound, even with some great black metal inspirations. I really love this album and it gets better after each listen. Listen to it, if you don't believe me. A huge and immersive sound, highly recommended! I hope this band gets some recognition in the stoner/doom metal community.

Big thanks to Golem Records for providing this great album for preview.

Estoner & Kannabinõid European Tour 2016

05 May, 2016

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Estoner & Kannabinõid European Tour Poster

Let me introduce you to this two heavyweight, Estonian stoner doom bands - Estoner and Kannabinõid. I will write about them soon. But first of all, I present you their European Tour schedule. The tour is starting tomorrow (6th May) so there's not much time left. Be sure to not miss it!

Bands Bandcamp Sites - Estoner | Kannabinõid

The music clubs

Grenadeers - Chasing the Stereotype Video

03 May, 2016

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Hey guys, check out the latest video by Grenadeers from Amsterdam, Netherlands. Made in collaboration with Alain Johannes (QOTSA, Them Crooked Vultures, Eagles of Death Metal). Great stoner rock in the vibes of early Queen of the Stone Age. For fans of everything that rocks through the desert and beyond.