Necro Deathmort - This Beat Is Necrotronic (2009)

12 January, 2012

Necro Deathmort - This Beat Is Necrotronic Album Cover

Great experimental mix of industrial dub and drone doom from London, UK. I know this sounds silly, but trust me, this mix of genres works perfectly. I Can't get enough of this album.


  1. Cheers for spreading the word! If you want to support this release, then visit ! Necro Deathmort's second album is also still available, and it's even BETTER than this one. A third album will follow in April! Darren.

    1. Thank's man, but, sadly the first album is sold out.

    2. On CD, sadly, yeah. But if anybody wants to PayPal me some coin for the FLACs, there's the link!

  2. This is really good stuff. Thanks a lot. I'll be visiting their bandcamp page here shortly. Thanks for that too.

    Anyone who really likes this might enjoy a band called Aluk Todolo. They have a live video for their song "Woodchurch" on youtube that I'm quite fond of. Also really like the song "To Keep Silent." Would love to see their name spread around some.