Otis Reaper - Otis Reaper (2011)

21 January, 2012

Otis Reaper - Otis Reaper Album Cover

Cassette EP from sludge/doom metal act Otis Reaper.

Hailing from the doomed wastelands of Tennessee, Otis Reaper plays hard rock and punk tinged cro-magnon metal harkening back to the days of yore. Sludgy, neanderthal doom riffs collide with nwobhm tinged melodies, thrashing drums and guttural, blackened vocals w/lyrics about intergalactic time travel, misanthropy, and alcohol.

Jay Murchison / Vox
Madison Clifton / Bass
Ben Price / Guitars
Cres Murchison / Drums

1. Traversing The Orbs of Time
2. Optimator
3. Footprints in Dead Earth
4. Graveyard Sorcery
5. Unspeakable Acts of Intoxication


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