SHUT EYE - Soft For Sight (2011)

22 January, 2012

SHUT EYE - Soft For Sight Album Cover

Check out this guys. Great noise rock/shoegaze drone. I love this EP.

The album that lies before you is the debut release from amplifier-worshiping, world-weary riff rats Shut Eye. Born of the barren, southern california womb that is the Inland Empire (san bernardino, colton, calimesa and other such shitholes), Soft for Sight is a 5 song tribute to boredom, substance abuse, and unattractive-yet-refreshingly-attainable women. So download, listen, and drop out of life with beer in hand.

Here you can get the EP in FLAC. Just click buy now, then specify zero dollars (or more, if you want to support the band).

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  1. They're back with a new release