Electric Lady - Queen Of Electricity And Her Coming Kingdom (2016)

02 October, 2016

Electric Lady -  Queen Of Electricity And Her Coming Kingdom Album Cover

Another month, another review. Let me present you some bands from more exotic places. Of course exotic from my European point of view. So no offense please.

Electric Lady is a retro rock band from Beijing, China...Wait, what? From China? Yeah, from China! Did you think there is no retro rock in China, huh? There is and it's pretty fucking good. Queen Of Electricity And Her Coming Kingdom is their debut album and it was released in January this year.

The band salutes to the early 70's and groups like Sir Lord Baltimore (there is a nice SLB cover on the album), Blue Cheer, Cream, Atomic Rooster, Jimi Hendrix Experience, Black Sabbath etc. This is female-fronted retro at it's most vintage. Already the first song grabs you immediately and takes the listener on a colourful trip of fuzz, psychedelic and hard rock. Great vocal stylings that recall the era too. Overall, the album has a classic rock feel that can't be faulted. From the sound to the atmosphere and production; everything just fits.

Another hidden gem in the world of retro rock. It may not be anything life-altering, mind-blowing, or Earth-shattering, but regardless, it is a very, thoroughly solid and enjoyable record from a promising young group. But if you've got an appreciation for old school heaviness or just dig good, solid heavy rock n' roll, Electric Lady is a must-have. I look forward to future release from this band.

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