Grajo - Grajo (2016)

16 October, 2016

Grajo - Grajo Album Cover

Speaking of killer albums, here is another great hidden gem fronted by a woman with a fascinating and beautiful voice! Grajo is a Space/Stoner/Doom band from Córdoba, Spain. Their debut album came out in May, but I discovered it just two weeks ago. If you guys already knew it... Why didn't you tell me before!?

These guys have a really groovy Saint Vitus-esque vibe around their sound. Combine this with mountainous riffs and you're in for a ten-ton trip. Yes, it's heavy, but very melodic at the same time, with mesmerising dreamy vocals. A perfect combination, very refreshing. Trust me, you'll get addicted in no time. My favourite songs on this album are Magic Eye, Feeding Our Demons and I Am The Sea Still, but you can't go wrong with all the mighty jams on here.

Superb album by a great new band. I would highly recommend this album to every doom fan out there. Very easy to listen from start to finish. This is just another 2016 favourite of mine. In constant rotation in my home!

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