Possessor - Revenge Single (2016)

31 October, 2016

Possessor - Revenge Single Cover

There's one magical, haunted evening each year when all the scary creatures come out to prowl through every neighborhood.

Trick or treat? Nah, just kidding. No tricks! Here' s a fine little treat from Possessor, a two track Single recorded specially for Halloween. Of course it's free to download from their Bandcamp.

Revenge, the first track is a total metal assault with razor-sharp riffs, a couple of tempo shifts and a nice guitar solo. It's really thrashy. I'm listening to this song and banging my head! Possibly my favorite Possessor song ever.
The second song - The Foreboding is a slow, atmospheric instrumental song, with some cool tribal-like drumming. Good enough to put anyone in a hypnotic trance.

All in all, an excellent Halloween gift. What are you waiting for? Hurry up and download it!

P.S. Check out Possessor's last album - Dead By Dawn

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