Core - Revival (1996)

13 November, 2009

Core - Revival Cover

Great forgotten stoner rock band from New Jersey.

"Core debuted with their first album, Revival, in 1996 on Atlantic Records. The album was produced by Billy Anderson and supported by tours with Fu Manchu, Clutch and Orange 9mm.[1] Despite this publicity, the album suffered due to limited promotion.[1] The band bounced back in 1999 with their follow up, The Hustle Is On on MIA Records and Tee Pee Records. This album features artwork by Arik Roper. The album was supported by a tour entitled "Riff Rock Railroad," which also featured Atomic Bitchwax and Nebula.

In addition to the two albums, Core was also featured on the MeteorCity Records compilation Welcome to Meteor City, an album that showcased numerous Kyuss-like bands and helped establish MeteorCity. They also contributed "Soul Shaker" (a cover of Aerosmith's "Soul Saver") to the Small Stone Records tribute compilation Right in the Nuts.
" - wikipedia

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