Creep Purple - A new website to remember!

14 November, 2016

New Website Text Image

Creep Purple is a really cool website created by Paulius Plytnikas that you can check anytime to see a huge list of record labels and mailorders which are concentrated to psych/stoner rock and doom/sludge metal from all over the world. The site also promote places where people can buy merch directly from the bands. If you want your band or record label/shop to be linked there, just contact Paulius and he will include it to Creep Purple. No charges whatsoever, this man has a mission to help the bands and labels.

P.S. I've added a new section to Stoner Mountain called Links (I'm so creative with names). It's a collection of links to blogs/websites/youtube channels/record labels etc. that I enjoy and think that you might like as well.

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