Voodoo Idol - Sense (2016)

31 December, 2016

Voodoo Idol - Sense Album Cover

The second band from Russia is Voodoo Idol, a refreshing alternative/stoner rock trio from Moscow. Sense is Voodoo Idol's first full-length album, released in September, the record consists of nine stunning tracks, in which the band manage to combine experimentation with various genres.

Voodoo Idol take inspiration from alternative rock, psychedelic, pop rock and of course, stoner rock, that gives us a perfect balance of heavy grooviness and an almost poppy catchiness. Alina Goldobina, the woman behind Voodoo Idol, has a knack for drifting melodies and soft, soothing singing. The rhythm section is tight, with a rolling bass and precise drumming. Songs like (Welcome to the) Vault, Ghost and Hell On Wheels are a great example of psychedelia and powerful rock, while songs like Those Signs Led, Hero and Tango show the band's softer, danceable side. I especially like the rolling bass, the stuttering drum beat.

Overall, Sense is full of shiny hooks and standout moments. It's a catchy album that you will love immediately and put on repeat for some time. Now let the music do the talking. Recommended!

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