PainKiller - Buried Secrets (1992)

05 May, 2012

PainKiller - Buried Secrets Album Cover

First of all, this post is my jubilee 150th post, yay! So, I want to tell you all - Thank you for taking a little time out of each of your days to visit Stoner Mountain. And a big Thank YOU to all my followers.

Ok, here's PainKiller's second EP featuring guest appearances by Godflesh's Justin Broadrick and G.C. Green on two tracks.

"Very dark and very disturbing, 27 minutes is almost too much to handle." - Steve Huey



  1. I love your blog. Thanks to you I discover full of good music. I loved Painkiller's "Guts of a virgin" and I would like to listen to the other albums. Can you make this album available again? Happy end-of-year celebrations from France.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, mate. Sure, just wait a sec and I will put some new links.