PainKiller - Execution Ground (1994)

05 May, 2012

PainKiller - Execution Ground Album Cover

The last one from PainKiller, the double album Execution Ground.

"The first disc of this inventive and unsettling two-disc set features three long improvisations that show off the band's dub influence. The second disc, subtitled "Ambient Dub," is a rethinking/remix of the third and first improvs on the first disc. Overall less thrashy than some Painkiller excursions, the improvisations here are striking for their greater sonic space without sacrificing any of the heaviness" - wiki



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  2. I love your blog. Thanks to you I discover full of good music. I loved Painkiller's "Guts of a virgin" and I would like to listen to the other albums. Can you make this album available again? Happy end-of-year celebrations from France.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, mate. Sure, just wait a sec and I will put some new links.