The Want - 5 O'Clock Orange (1996)

24 May, 2012

The Want - 5 O'Clock Orange Album Cover

I just found this album in a pawn shop (I paid only 1 euro!!!) a few days ago, so here's my rip. I highly recommend this to fans of retro rock! Just check the song below, Ballroller is a killer song.

The Want put out two albums in the 90s but are best remembered for their "greatest hits" compilation on Southern Lord Records released in 2000. They draw heavily from 70s influences (Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath are usually noted[1]) and have been criticized for being too loyal to their roots. The Want released their debut album, 5 O'Clock Orange, in 1996 on Mack-Daddy Records. A follow-up, Acid Millennium, was released the following year. In 2000 Southern Lord Records released a compilation of songs from the first two albums with the misleading title Greatest Hits Vol. 5. They also recorded "Let the Music Do the Talking," which appeared on Right in the Nuts, a tribute to Aerosmith released by Small Stone Records. After the Want disbanded, bassist Jeff Mackey joined Eighteen Wheels Burning and later recruited former Want guitarist Adam Valk for the same project. - wikipedia



  1. yeah great band!!
    do you know the album Greatest Hits volume 5 of this band?

  2. any word on where i can find a copy of Acid Millennium for download?

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    Grazie mi piace molto queste blog!