Stoner Mountain's Weekly Bandcamp Discoveries #5

31 July, 2017

Stoner Mountain's Weekly Bandcamp Discoveries Cover

Welcome to the fifth issue of Stoner Mountain's Weekly Bandcamp Discoveries. As you can see, time is still not on my side. I drift between projects like an Alzheimer’s patient, so it's some kind of small wonder that I am able to focus enough to even create this list. Also, sorry guys for not responding to your emails and messages lately. This instalment features a lot of recent discoveries (actually by 'recent discoveries' what I really mean is 'discoveries made over almost two months ago' xd) from countries like Germany, France, Russia, USA, Brazil and Venezuela.

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Zeremony - Soul of the Zeremony Album Cover

Zeremony - Soul of the Zeremony

With Soul of the Zeremony, Würzburg's Zeremony, take us on an over half-hour long time travel into an era when Hammond organ driven hard rock ruled the world. Armed with their blues rock meets 70s-inspired psychedelic hard rock sound. Strong singing, tight and chunky riffs, fantastic solos, mind-bending organ melodies and the songs themselves are extremely well-thought out and crafted. If you like classic rock, get your hands on Soul of the Zeremony. There isn't a bad track on it, and there are several masterpieces. So, when the record is over it’s hard not to play everything all over again.

Favourite track(s): Ex aequo Running Blind & Down by the River

Time Rift - Cold Future Album Cover

Time Rift - Cold Future

Portland's Time Rift sure knows how to make a stunning first impression. Cold Future, their debut EP, is a great mix of infectious melodies and tight grooves. Vintage hard rock combined with rock'n'roll and with a pinch of unfettered punk-rock energy. The album kicks off with title track Cold Future and this song alone is worth the price of the CD. But the best part of the EP is that the first song pumps you up so much that you expect the remaining songs to get progressively worse, which is the opposite of what happens. It is truly a very promising start for these guys.

Favourite track: Just Another Name

Stone From The Sky - Fuck The Sun Album Cover

Stone From The Sky - Fuck The Sun

This is some serious heavy-psych instrumental rock here. Based out of Le Mans, the city of the legendary 24-hr automobile race, Stone From The Sky recorded a relentlessly brilliant debut album Fuck The Sun. I really like, how Stone From The Sky can sound often so calm and relaxing, and on the other side so damn heavy. Most of their tunes are quite long, but these wonderful songs are over so quickly, you won't notice the length. It's an immensely rewarding listen from a band who know exactly what they want. You have to listen and feel it. Just let their music vibrate and take you to the deepest regions of outer space.

P.S. You can pay as much as you wish to download it on Bandcamp.

Favourite track: Zugzwang

Hismight - Entity EP Cover

Hismight - Entity EP

Hismight’s sound is not easily classifiable as they blend several styles. They combine elements of alternative rock, psychedelic, garage rock, stoner rock and doom, which makes most of their music sound refreshing. On May 8 the Yaroslavl-based group released their latest EP, Entity, which contains three songs. One of them is an original new track and the other ones are covers. On their new track, Entity, Hismight finds themselves crafting a slow driving tune with multiple small flourishes colouring the entire sound-space. Also, Satan Is A Lawyer (Gojira) and Ocean (Pale Crow) are good covers, both do the originals justice. Their EP is also free to download via Bandcamp.

Favourite track: Entity

Pinto Graham - Uno Album Cover

Pinto Graham - Uno

Pinto Graham is a three piece from New Haven, Connecticut and is made up of singer and guitarist Andre Roman, Brian Harris on percussion/drums and Ant Reckart on bass and vocals. Their album Uno, as the name might suggest, is the band's full-length debut. Pinto Graham is fully embracing straight ahead southern rock with a bluesy stoner rock edge layered on top, but songs like Ghost Town and Wind n Heel also show a correlation to traditional doom metal. Uno is an album that you'll enjoy again and again. It's the ideal tune for cruising… and smashing out a few letterboxes on the way. Well played, Pinto Graham. Well played.

Favourite track: Ghost Town

Mind Reverse - Mind Reverse EP Cover

Mind Reverse - Mind Reverse EP

For the uninitiated, Mind Reverse is a band from Maringá, Brazil. Their sound is decidedly retro. The quartet released in April their first EP, which is packed with eight energetic tracks. The record has a precious, yet punk, attitude, filled with groovy psychedelia, bluesy garage rock and even a hint of progressive rock. Each song is different from the ones next to it, and each is distinctive in its own unusual way. I love this EP, old school rock type of music. Easy listening and I just press play, no skipping needed.

Favourite track: Quantum Theory

Southaven - Hijos de Saturno EP Cover

Southaven - Hijos de Saturno EP

There cannot be a good list without a heavy stoner doom record and Southaven's latest two-track EP is heavy as fuck! But first of all, let me introduce you to the band. Southaven is a duo hailing from Caracas, Venezuela, founded in 2013. Their sound is slow, distorted, muddy and lo-fi. I would say it's somewhere between Electric Wizard, Sleep and Sunn O))). One of the two songs is a cover of Saint Vitus' White Magic / Black Magic and the other one is an original song. This EP doesn't reinvent the wheel, but it's a pretty groovy ride.

Favourite track: Cale

The Dark Jazz Lounge

Bebopovsky And The Orkestry Podyezdov - Red Wine And You Single Cover

Bebopovsky And The Orkestry Podyezdov - Red Wine And You Single

I've already told you a bit about Bebopovsky And The Orkestry Podyezdov last time. Therefore, let me get straight to the point. The Red Wine And You single is a slow, moody, mid-tempo noir jazz track. Drifting on the soft ambience, drifting on the piano, drifting on that sax. Nothing too overcomplicated here, and that's just the way it should be. It's all about the atmosphere; mysterious and beautiful, it would fit perfectly in a smoky old jazz club. Head to the Bandcamp link below to download the single for free.

Favourite track: Red Wine And You

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