Árida - Despertar (2016)

12 February, 2017

Árida - Despertar Album Cover

Árida is a female-fronted power duo from Madrid, Spain. Despertar is their debut album and it was released as a digital download on November 28. The CD version was released December 23 via Nooirax Producciones. I have been listening to this album recently, especially if by 'recently' what I actually mean is 'every day since last two weeks, often multiple times in a row'. So, it's finally time to write the review.

Árida creates an intense atmosphere with mixing desert rock, alternative rock, and 90's riot grrrl styles to record ten dope songs featuring the explosive vocals and guitar playing of Sara Uve and the hard hitting drumming of Javi Puértolas. With a sound focused on energetic vocals and fast tempos, they manage to combine the grooviness of Dozer with the angriness of Heavens To Betsy and the catchiness of Le Tigre.

Despertar is a great album with powerful Spanish vocals that you will love immediately and put on repeat for weeks. Would recommend this one to anyone that's looking for a different yet familiar sound. This is just what I'd like to hear more often on the European desert rock scene. Be sure to check out their two EPs Un día en la línea del oeste and Cenizas!

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