Beerwolf - Oracle's Prophecy (2015)

06 February, 2017

Beerwolf - Oracle's Prophecy Album Cover

They’re called Beerwolf and hail from the city of Tampa, the unofficial capital of American death metal. Although that doesn't mean they're a death metal group. Make no mistake, this is groovy stoner/doom metal with nice soaring clean vocals. Formed somewhere in the early days of 2015, Beerwolf released their debut album, Oracle's Prophecy, in October of the same year.

The album starts off with the instrumental song Sorcerer's Demise, a Kyuss-esque, bang-along stoner rock hymn. An awesome tune with a slow, trippy, and psychedelic guitar solo. Followed by Sea Tyrant, a nutty psychedelic thing. What we get here is a thick, groovy riff inspired by Down's Nola. The next two tracks, River Styx and Warlock's War, have a heavy blues vibe to it, and a lot of Sleep and Black Sabbath worship going on. With Poor Man, we're back in fuzzed-out Kyuss-esque stoner rock land again. And last but not least, Oracle's Prophecy is a great number, with plenty of fuzz, groove, funk and all around heaviness. The song has some supreme riffage and a brilliant, mind-bending solo.

Overall, this is a very solid debut for these guys from Florida. It's nothing groundbreaking or innovating, but it's a pleasure to listen to this. I guess that if this band was from Sweden instead of the United States, that they'd be loved by now.

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