The Crystal Moth - Brainwasher Single (2016)

01 February, 2017

The Crystal Moth - Brainwasher Single Cover

Brainwasher is the debut single by Perth heavy-psych five-piece The Crystal Moth. It was recorded at Blackbird Studios in Perth and released December 2, 2016. It's an over eight-minute proggy blues-rock jam with lots of vibrant Pink Floyd'esque moves. Fabulous tune and arrangement with a great sing a long vocal and a fantastic organ-driven groove. Can't say enough positive about it.

This gorgeous song show the guys getting off to a great start, that no doubt paves the way for more smashing songs. Get the track for as much as you feel like paying (free is even an option) on Bandcamp. Put on the headphones, go to your own lil world and sit back.

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