Stoner Mountain's Weekly Bandcamp Discoveries #2

25 February, 2017

Stoner Mountain's Weekly Bandcamp Discoveries Cover

Ready for a new portion of cool records? Once again, here are 11 records from over the past couple weeks, from French stoner metal to British black metal. As I mentioned last time, most of them deserve a separate review, but I just don't have the time to do that, so at least I can give'em some recognition. BTW. This issue of Stoner Mountain's Weekly Bandcamp Discoveries has been brought to you by the tag 'Heavy Psych'.

P.S. If this is your first visit here, be sure to check out:

Galva - Galva EP Cover

Galva - Galva EP

Galva is a stoner metal five-piece from Périgueux, France and they've just released their debut EP. You could say that Galva is musically too similar to Down, but they aren't just paying homage to Down, they also managed to create the best brand of southern-fueled stoner metal. There are some absolutely killer grooves throughout this album.

Favourite track: The Ark

Alastor - Black Magic Single Cover

Alastor - Black Magic Single

Sweden's Alastor recorded an epic, almost 15-minutes long track. If a best-of compilation was made featuring the top stoner doom tunes of the last two months or so, this track would probably sum them all up. Their hallucinating riffs could be placed somewhere between Electric Wizard and Windhand, but that's just stating the obvious.

Favourite track: Black Magic

Night Shapes - Run Album Cover

Night Shapes - Run

Night Shapes are a great garage rock'n'roll formation from Oakland, USA. Just discovered these guys and I love the retro heavy psych sound. Every song on this record is different and fascinating. Just one listen will bring you into the Night Shapes fan club. Just one listen will do it! Too bad rock this good is so hard to find.

Favourite track: Adolescent Recovery

Luma - Airwalk EP Cover

Luma - Airwalk EP

Luma is a promising new duo from San Sebastián, Spain. Oh! Pardon me, I meant to say from San Sebastián, The Basque Country. Their second EP, Airwalk, is a fusion of many genres, including garage rock, punk rock, alternative rock and some stoner rock. Borne is a standout song on this EP, it gives off a vibe similar to that of Iggy Pop, showing their ability to write incredibly catchy rock songs.

Favourite track: Borne

Wicca - Oracular EP Cover

Wicca - Oracular EP

Yet another duo on the list. Wicca comes from Buenos Aires, Argentina and consists of Aixa Lamas on guitar/vocals and Sebastián Regueira on drums. Their debut EP is actually from December 2016. Wicca uses the simplicity of being in a duo to their favour, by using massive, raw guitar riffs and thunderous drums to worm their way into your subconscious. Wicca brings forth a fuzzy and trippy listening experience with elements of doom and heavy psych stoner rock.

Favourite track: 333

Paleons - Hyperborean Album Cover

Paleons - Hyperborean

Paleons are a heavy psych instrumental band from Eugene, USA. They recently released their third album titled Hyperborean, featuring their take on post-rock, krautrock, space rock and a hint of noise in a surprisingly coherent mix. Hyperborean is seamless: beautiful harmonies, sharp percussion and some dreamy guitar work gravitating around stratosphere level.

Favourite track: Andromeda, the Tomb of the Sun

Druidian Pink - Pink Aliens Album Cover

Druidian Pink - Pink Aliens

Druidian Pink is a heavy psych band from New Orleans, USA with influences ranging from garage to surf to doom. There's so much going on on Druidian Pink's first album, Pink Aliens, that I have no idea how I'd classify it. Oh wait, I do: as a simply great album. Couldn't stop tapping my feet from the first song to the last. I'm already looking forward to absorbing more sonic madness from these guys.

Favourite track: Endless Maze

Angus Black - Live From The Cellar EP Cover

Angus Black - Live From The Cellar EP

Angus Black is the hyperactive child of Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats. The Finnish trio just released their debut EP called Live From The Cellar, four tracks of some fine occult doom. Actually, it was released over a month ago, but it’s still a little Bandcamp gem that many of you (including myself) may have overlooked. It's superbly creepy but catchy as hell, you could classify it as 'doom'n'roll'. Hear it to believe!

Favourite track: Children of the Stars

Hell's Of Singularity - Prepare To Be Upgraded Album Cover

Hell's Of Singularity - Prepare To Be Upgraded

Hell's Of Singularity is a fresh heavy psych stoner rock trio from Lyon, France. Their first EP offers four tracks of groovy psyched out goodness and it showcases a variety of influences. It's something between Dozer, Fu Manchu and Brant Bjork. While not incredibly original, Prepare To Be Upgraded is an EP made with immaculate passion.

Favourite track: Riverside

Strange Broue - Seance - The Satanic Sounds of Strange Broue Album Cover

Strange Broue - Seance - The Satanic Sounds of Strange Broue

Strange Broue from Canada are not complete unknowns in the blogosphere, having been widely praised for their previous releases. Seance - The Satanic Sounds of Strange Broue is filled with epic, lo-fi vintage doom riffs and some really great Electric Wizard-esque grooves. My only real complaint about this album would be that there are way too many interludes between the songs.

Favourite track: Seance III - Slave Till' The Grave

The Black Metal Corner

Nine Covens - Thy Unknowing Servants EP Cover

Nine Covens - Thy Unknowing Servants EP

This is what we call a supergroup. The union between current and ex-members of Extreme Noise Terror, Cradle of Filth, The King Is Blind and Winterfylleth. This three-track EP is the band's first release since 2012. It's some pretty raw and straightforward black metal but very good nonetheless. The fact these guys recorded a cover of Bathory's The Return Of The Darkness & Evil only make me respect them more.

Favourite track: The Return Of The Darkness & Evil

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