Wretch And Iron Void To Warm You Up For Desertfest London!

17 February, 2017

Wretch And Iron Void Gig Poster

Can't wait for Desertfest to begin? Why not start the party early at this year's official pre-show. We've invited doom duo Wretch and Iron Void to kick things off on Thursday 27th April at The Black Heart. For tickets and more info, visit the website.

Indiana's Wretch should be well known to doomster's everywhere. Formed by ex-The Gates of Slumber mainstay, Karl Simon, after the doom favourites called it quits in 2013, Wretch still bring the doom, though from a slightly different slant. More focused and traditional in their approach to the slow and heavy, Wretch, may be closer in some respects to Saint Vitus than they are to The Gates of Slumber.

Joining them are Wakefield's Iron Void; proud champions of Yorkshire doom metal. Similarly anchored in trad doom, though with a little more bounce, Iron Void's self-titled debut feels ripped from the late 70s / early 80s.

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