Dead Witches - Ouija (2017)

04 February, 2017

Dead Witches - Ouija Album Cover

Dead Witches is the name of a new project from drummer Mark Greening, who is best known as one of the main members of Electric Wizard and Ramesses, who released a couple of legendary albums, and Psychedelic Witchcraft's vocalist Virginia Monti, with bassist Carl Geary and guitarist Greg Elk. Sadly, Greg passed away at the end of last year. Such a big loss, I corresponded with him a couple of times and he seemed like such a nice guy.

Ouija, recorded at the same studio in which Electric Wizard had recorded Dopethrone, only consists of five tracks plus an awesome, atmospheric introduction and it really leaves you wanting more, but at least all the songs are equally good. Yep, there is no bad song on Ouija! The first word that comes to mind after listening to this album is 'heavy'. It's a thrilling vintage-sounding production inspired by traditional doom metal, Electric Wizard-esque stoner doom and witchcraft. The band combines a monumental riffing attitude with psychedelic sounds.

Dead, the first track after the spooky intro, is a fantastic, groovy and psychedelic song with a hypnotic riff, trance-like drumming and a trippy solo at the end. The next track, Drawing Down The Moon, is true stoner insanity with a great riff and fantastic vocals. Virginia's voice and performance always appear to be great, but she surpassed herself with this one. The last three songs Ouija, Mind Funeral and A World Of Darkness are equally heavy and slow, with massive riffs to blow the pavement from the path you walk. Compared to them, Drawing Down The Moon almost sounds like some sort of pop-doom, even though it's still my favourite song from Ouija.

Let me just tell you that this record is tremendous. Maybe not original, but without a doubt a must to check out. Ouija is basically the 'groovy Electric Wizard album' I wish Electric Wizard had actually made instead of Time to Die. I promise you that as soon as you start playing Ouija, you don't wanna stop!

Ouija will be released on February 10 through Heavy Psych Sounds Records and it's now available for Pre-Order.

P.S. Dear Purple Sage PR, I would like to thank you once again for sending me all the great promos.

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