Baetyl - Jangala EP (2016)

18 January, 2017

Baetyl - Jangala EP Cover

Apparently the beautiful Greek landscapes are inspiring enough to write and record great stoner/desert albums, because Greece gave us another fine release. After five years away, the stoner rockers from Athens jump back into the game rocking hard, with their second EP called Jangala, which was released December 4, 2016.

Jangala features the same laid-back groovy sound as on their debut EP Meteorite, which create a perfect low desert vibe, but this record seems generally faster. The sound can be loosely compared to Elvis Deluxe's and 1000mods' early work, so expect a really fuzzy and warm guitar tone, like a desert full of cactuses on the hottest day. The highlight of the record, of course in my opinion, is Last Song For A Migrating Bird. It has equal amount of psychedilic, slow-to-midpaced groove in addition to some faster and heavier moments. The vocals are not always spot on, but the singing is very catchy and enjoyable.

Maybe it's not an essential stoner rock album, but it's surely one that must be heard. My only complaint is the number of the songs. Four tracks are definitely not enough. I want more!

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