Dead Man's Band - Vol​.​ II (2014)

25 January, 2017

Dead Man's Band - Vol​.​ II Album Cover

Dead Man's Band had me back in 2012 with their marvellous self-titled debut album. The female-fronted retro-rockers from Piraeus were so underground you needed a shovel to get to it, and Stoner Mountain was probably the first blog that wrote about them. Sadly, not much has changed after five years, they're still very much unknown. To be honest I'm very surprised that this band is not receiving the press they deserve. I hope that I can make a difference.

Dead Man's Band's sophomore album is full of melodious and beautiful guitar lines. It's a bluesy rock jam packed with emotions. At times it rocks, at times it slows down to a painful raspy grace, only to pick back up and jam a song or two later. But the best part are the vocals. The woman can wail like no other. Her singing is very powerful, reaches out and grabs you. It’s a throwback that sounds familiar, but not one you can place in time, they just know how to make that old music sound as fresh and as vital as ever.

They have generously donated their otherworldly music to this wonderful because all their albums are available as a free name-your-price download. I strongly suggest that you support the band by paying them something for this record and any of their others. Especially if you are a fan of theirs. For those of you that aren't, if you were to sit down and listen to it, I guarantee you will like at least few songs on there. Please just buy it, you can't go wrong.

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