Hazy Sea - Electric Abyss (2017)

19 January, 2017

Hazy Sea - Electric Abyss Album Cover

Don't be too surprised when I tell you, that we have here yet another dope band from Athens. Hazy Sea is an instrumental stoner rock trio and just yesterday they released their debut album Electric Abyss.

Only a few minutes into Electric Abyss, and the positive vibes can immediately be felt. All the songs would fit perfectly in a Robert Rodriguez flick. Dusty, heavy psych stoner rock with an early 90s hard-rock feeling to their music, maybe even the same kind of psychedelic madness that the Smashing Pumpkins exuded on their old albums.

Trying to find a track to skip to get to the good stuff. Can't. It's all good. Great, in fact. My little review won't do it justice, so just listen to it. You shouldn't be disappointed!

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