Dr​.​Awkward and the Screws - S/T EP (2017)

22 January, 2017

Dr​.​Awkward and the Screws - S/T EP Cover

I don't know what is going on in Athens' stoner rock scene lately, but they did it again. Who knows, maybe the Greeks want to conquer the world? Dr​.​Awkward and the Screws has been playing together since 2014 and this is their first release, a self-titled three-song EP.

You have here your stoner, your blues, your psych and 70s, all woven into something groovy. On the first track, The Screwdriver, the band sound like a more cheerful version of Pentagram and Witchcraft played through a heavy fuzz pedal. If I were to pick a song that got me into Dr​.​Awkward and the Screws, this would be it. Of course not because it's the first song, duh. But because it's so catchy. A very good beginning, this gets.
The second track, Seven, has basically the same vibe as The Screwdriver, but it's a bit slower and doomier.
Walking, the last song, has such a funky groove, like Aerosmith's Walk This Way mixed with a Black Sabbath song. It's heavy, but the tune is light and listenable.

Dr​.​Awkward and the Screws' EP is definitely worth checking out and it will only take 15 minutes of your time. A definite promise for the near future!

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