Dead Man's Band - Back In The Alley (2015)

26 January, 2017

Dead Man's Band - Back In The Alley Album Cover

Dead Man's Band is a band that you'd expect to hear in a good ole coffee-shop or a good independent record store. Their third album, Back In The Alley, continues the style of their two previous releases, so if you’re familiar with those albums you will know what to expect from their latest record. Eight songs are included and once again we can hear a fantastic, bluesy retro rock.

Most bands concentrate on creating catchy singles that will sell their albums. Rarely do they try to put together a strong collection of songs that one can listen to from beginning to end. This album is definitely not one of those. The emotions of the music and the listener change with each track. This band is as tight as a band can get, and the vocalist is putting raw soul back into rock and roll. Each song is blessed with catchy hooks, memorable melodies and they know when to hold back and when to unleash a torrent of sound. I like that the keyboard is more present on this record. It seems like the band has been working very hard in making Back In The Alley sound bigger than any of their previous releases. The songs have variety and show off the depth of talent.

But Back In The Alley is probably not their best album, because the debut is still unbeatable, although it's a sensational album. Truly beautiful music and retro rock at its finest. You can't go wrong with any of the songs, they are all great. This music gets you rocking. I hope to enjoy new music from these guys for many more years to come.

P.S. Please support these guys. Buy it for yourself. Gift it to loved ones. Gift it to the neighbors who always play crap music! You shouldn't even have wasted the time reading my stupid review. You could have downloaded it while you were reading and been listening by now :)

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  1. Ciekawostka dla Polaków, przysłuchajcie się uważnie końcówce kawałka Freedom, jest tam malutki polski akcent ;)