Ritual Dreadfest 2017

14 January, 2017

Ritual Dreadfest 2017 Poster

Since it's less than the month till the festival take off, it's t

ime for you to know the details. Dreadfest 2017 will take place on February 11th and 12th at Temple Of Boom in Leeds, UK. Lots of awesome bands representing dark, heavy, doom, grind and sludge music spread over 2 days!

Saturday 11th Feb

Hooded Menace, Whoresnation, Slabby, Atrocity, Black Tomb, Let it Die, King Goat, Atomck, Opium Lord, Human Cull, Monolithic, Torpor, Gendo Ikari, DVNE, Fuckjar, Mower, Rot and Prisa Mata

Sunday 12th Feb

Conan, Evisorax, ColtsBlood, Endless Swarm, Khost, Gets Worse, Iron Witch, AOBW, Shrykull, Famine, Tides of Sulfur, Ona Snop, Burden of the Noose, NTP, Mastiff and Grim Reefer

11th and 12th February at Temple Of Boom in Leeds, UK
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