Mad John the Wise - Mad John the Wise EP (2014)

23 January, 2017

Mad John the Wise - Mad John the Wise EP Cover

And we are leaving Athens with this one, so I'm presenting you something a bit different. It's an old request that I finally managed to post. In case you were wondering, the request is of course not as old as the EP.

Mad John the Wise is a boiling pot of stoner, hard rock, heavy metal, alternative rock and elements of prog metal, like soft-hard dynamics, changing time signatures and tempos. The band uses heavy influences of folk and I would say even some sea shanties. All that gives them a quite interesting sound - intense and fragile at the same time.

I'm not a prog expert and am far removed from the scene, but to me these guys have it. Whatever 'it' is. Perhaps no one will be breaking down any doors to get it, but it's still a pretty good listen. Songs like The Hunt and Gatti Di Strada certainly makes Mad John the Wise worth downloading, especially it's a free name-your-price download.

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